Run Leaders

We aim to have Run Leaders at each of the weekly training sessions. These are ERN members who have been through a jogscotland training course which covers everything from warm-up to cool-down, fitness programmes, risk assessment and helping people overcome common barriers to starting exercise – such as lack of confidence, perceived lack of time, lack of support etc. Run Leaders also have access to the emergency contact details provided by members in case of need.

Fiona Mackenzie, Coach Co-Ordinator:
“I started to run later on, after the turn of the century; I was never an athletic type at school but I found that on my terms, I really enjoyed it. I trained as a Jogleader in 2004 & had many years of fun as a JogScotland Jogleader at Westwoods. Now I have fun on Mondays evenings (Covid restrictions allowing) working with Elly, Andrew & sometimes Emma, & running with some lovely members of the club. I have completed my Advanced Jogleader course & continue learning, so if you have any questions about training, please ask, & if I don’t know the answer, I’ll try & find someone who does.”

Elly Mackenzie, Run Leader:
“I trained as a Jogleader in January 2010 and started to help Gordon on a Monday night at Portobello. Monday night sessions are jointly led by myself, Andrew and Fiona. With three leaders you are never left behind and always a good opportunity for a natter (except during Covid restrictions). I thoroughly enjoy seeing the regulars set and achieve their own goals.”

Andrew Simpson, Run Leader: 
I trained to be a Run Leader in 2011 as a way to give something back. My Thursday night sessions are designed to help runners arrive at a belief in what they can achieve. These coached sessions with targeted training have helped loads of ERN members to have more confidence in their running. Beyond the Thursday sessions, I and a few other ERN runners have paced runs for other members looking for that elusive PB – with a high rate of success. It’s those little moments that make being an ERN Run Leader all the more worthwhile.

Miguel Mudarra, Run Leader: 
I recently qualified as a coach after it was required to run a session post COVID, which makes me a beginner at coaching but an experienced clown. I’m the coach that speaks a bit too loud, gets a bit too overexcited and hugs a bit too much… What can I say, it’s the Spaniard in me. I’ve been a Chooseday regular for over 5 years and have led more mobilisations than I can remember and it still makes me giggle to see people not being able to move one arm forward one arm backwards 😅

Sorrel Cosens, Run Leader: 
Before I joined ERN I was a sceptical about running with a group; I was reasonably happy going out on my own although in reality I didn’t get myself moving that often. However, the Tuesday & Sunday social runs were so much more relaxed & welcoming than I’d imagined a running club would be! The club & parkrun gave me so much more enjoyment & motivation. In 2020 as the pandemic took its toll on group activities I returned to running solo & was reminded how hard I found that. I did my Leader training as soon as it was available so that we could get ERN members out & running together again as soon as we were allowed – win win as far as I’m concerned!
Photo courtesy Ken Clark.

Peter Chambers, Run Leader: 
I first got involved in athletics coaching in 2014, taking an Assistant Coach and Disability Inclusion course in London (at the Olympic stadium!) and working with a blind and visually impaired track and field group in Battersea Park. When I moved north of the border I wanted to carry on supporting athletics and took my Leader in Running Fitness course in 2020. I hope to support runners of all abilities to gain the mental and physical benefits of regular exercise and can’t think of a better club to do that with than ERN!

Emma Lougheed, Run Leader: 
Having spent years protesting that she couldn’t run the length of herself, Emma started running in 2013 when someone turned the speed up on the gym treadmill and she had no option but to keep her legs moving! Emma trained as a Jogleader prior to joining ERN at the end of 2014 and has recently started leading a Thursday night group to meet the demand for places. She also covers Monday and Tuesday nights as needed, and has discovered an unhealthy passion for hill reps. Emma is also our Sunday runs Routemaster.

Wendy McFarlane, Run Leader: 
I decided to train as a Jogleader when ERN was considering reintroducing Chooseday Tuesday runs. I have always found the pace of these runs to be a bit quicker (not a bad thing!) but I was always at the back of the pack. It was important that ERN runs are accessible to all paced runners without feeling intimidated by the pace. I think it is great to hear the excited chatter of the participants as we make our way round the route (even when we are going up hills!) No one is ever left behind and there is always company to help clock up the miles at whatever your speed may be. This is one of the many benefits which I love about being a member of ERN.
Photo courtesy Gordon Donnachie.

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